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by Hussain

Do you want to read the story of Jesus Christ?
Want to know the story of the birth and great deeds of the Father God Jesus Christ?

Friends, as we all know, the month of December is going on and the 25th is coming, which is like a festival for those who believe in Christianity, on this day the God of Christianity, the Lord Jesus Christ was born, and It is celebrated as Christmas. It means Christ’s Mass. Congregational prayer is done in honor of Jesus’ birth it is a big festival rather than mere prayer.

Jesus or Jesus Christ, as we all know, is called the founder and God of Christianity. Christians consider him as the son of God the Father and the third member of the Christian Trinity God and the religious text of Christianity is the Bible.

Birth and Childhood

According to the Bible, Jesus was born from the womb of Mary, with divine influence before her marriage. Maryam lived in the village of Nazareth in the city of Galilee and was engaged to a carpenter, named Yusuf, who was a Dawood dynasty.

Being pregnant before marriage with divine influence. Yusuf began to worry about his character, he was confused as to whether he should marry it or not, but soon he found a solution to this concern.

That same night, an angel, addressing his dreams in a dream, told him about the birth of Jesus, and commanded him to marry. Joseph married Mary with the permission of God. Shortly after the marriage, Yusuf left his hometown of Galilee and moved to a city called Bethlehem, at which time the Jews lived in Bethlehem.

4 BC in Bethlehem. Christ was born in Joseph escaped to Egypt to save Christ from the tyranny of King Herod. But Herod’s 4 BC Due to his death, Yusuf returned to Dowara and settled in the village of Nazareth. When Jesus was twelve years old, he stayed in Jerusalem for three days in the temple, where he started to sit in the middle of the preachers and answer questions to them.

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Jesus was amazed at the understanding and his answers, everyone was surprised. After some time, Jesus returned to his village with his parents. Here, Jesus had learned the profession of Yusuf, and he continued to work as a carpenter until he was about 30 years old.

There is no information available in the Bible for between 13 and 29 years. According to the Bible, at the age of 30, he took a dip (initiation) in water from John (John). It is said that after the dip, the Holy Spirit was guarded by Jesus, after 40 days of fasting, Jesus started teaching people.

Stories of Jesus Christ

Story 1

It is said that the census of that country was ordered on the orders of the Roman Emperor Augustus. Maryam was pregnant at the time. Everyone had to go to Bethlehem and register their names. A large number of people had come there. All the Hospice and dwellings were filled. Finally, he found a place in a stable. At that time, people often kept animals inside the house to keep themselves warm, especially during the night, and this was the holy place where Mary gave birth to the Lord Jesus, and this was at midnight on 25 December The Lord Jesus was born. Shepherds outside Bethlehem were taking care of their sheep throughout the night. When it happened in the morning, a wonderful incident happened to them too, the next morning an angel came in front of them, the shepherds were scared at first, but the angel said to them, do not be afraid, I have a piece of good news for you. Today a caretaker is born to you in Bethlehem, and you will find him in a snake feeding the animals. After this many more angels appeared and lightly spread in the sky, and they started singing in praise of God. After the angels left, the shepherds said to each other, “Come on, let’s go to Bethlehem and see what has happened.” All the shepherds arrived in Bethlehem and there they saw Jesus lying in a snake, as the angel told. Shepherd went and saw Jesus and praised him. This event has great significance for Christians. They consider Jesus the son of God. Therefore, it was a day of joy and joy for Christians. Because Jesus, the son of God, came to earth for the welfare of all.

Story 2

It is said that when Christ was born in Bethlehem, Judea, under the rule of Herod the king, at that time astrologers came to Jerusalem and inquired about him. Because they saw his star and they have come to greet him. When Herod the king heard all this, he and all of Jerusalem were terrified with him. Then Herod called the astrologers secretly and asked them at what time the star appeared, and he sent them to Bethlehem, saying, “Go and find out exactly about that child and when he finds me, tell me.” So that I too can come and bow to him. They left after listening to the king. It is said that the star which he had seen in the east, he went ahead of them and where there was a child, he reached above that place and stayed. Seeing that star, they were very happy and reached the house and saw it with the child and his mother Mary and bowed down to him; And he opened his bag and offered him gold and myrrh and myrrh and went through the other route to his country. It is believed that those astrologers were warned in their dreams not to go back to Herod.

Story of Jesus Christ

Christ’s Message and Preaching

After attaining enlightenment, at the age of thirty, Jesus began preaching about the Jewish religion to the people of Israel. According to him, God (who is the only one) is a true love form and does not want the animal sacrifices and rituals of Judaism. God loves all people.

All people are his children, the man should not take revenge in anger and should also be forgiven. He clearly stated that he is the son of God, he is the Messiah and is the way to heaven and salvation. The Day of Judgment had no special mention or significance in Judaism, but Jesus emphasized the Day of Judgment – because heaven or hell would receive the human soul at the same time.

Jesus did many miracles. The 12 disciples of Jesus spread their new religion everywhere. That’s called religion Christianity. Many miracles by Jesus Christ. He cured the sick through prayers. It is mentioned in the Bible that a person was resurrected. Apart from this, people trapped in some evil spirits got rid of them.

According to him – we should treat others as we want for ourselves. “Mankind serving one another is true God service.”, “Grace and truth are no different from you.” So do not separate it from yourself. ”Jesus opposed the ritual and hypocrisy of that time. Taught a man the lesson of humanity. Gave the message of love instead of hatred among themselves.

This is the reason that Christianity is the highest in the world today. People started thinking about Jesus in their lives. Due to this, religious leaders who spread religious superstitions and lies in society started getting jealous of them. The religious leaders there started calling Jesus an enemy of humanity. But the popularity of Lord Jesus continued to increase day by day.

Protest, Death, and Resurrection

The fundamentalist religious gurus of the Jews strongly opposed Jesus Christ, because he loved his rituals. It was a huge sin for him to call himself God’s son. So they complained against him at that time to the Roman governor Pilate. The Romans always feared the Jewish Revolution.

Therefore, to appease the radicals, Pilate sentenced Jesus to a painful death on the cross (Saleeb). The Jewish cleric strongly opposed Jesus Christ. Jesus was sentenced to death on the cross to appease the hardliners. Many persecutions were perpetrated on them. He was killed by Kodo. His head was crowned with thorns.

He was hanged on the cross with a nail on his hands and feet. They were subjected to great physical torture. He died on Friday. According to the Bible, Jesus was resurrected three days after his death. And this event is celebrated as ‘Easter’ and 40 days later he went straight to heaven.

On the day of April in April, the day of Good Friday is celebrated all over the world, which is celebrated as a mourning day. Jesus hung on the cross for six hours and during the last three hours the whole kingdom was darkened, then a scream came and with that, the Lord gave up his life, it is said that when the Lord gave up his life A strong fire came.

The doors of the tombs were torn open and the curtain of the holy temple kept bursting down. For this reason, people gather in the church later this afternoon and pray at about 3 o’clock. However, this entire week is considered sacred in Christianity. But no celebrations are celebrated in the church except prayer.

Christians believe that while dying on the cross, Jesus had taken the sins of all humans on himself. For those who persecute them so much, Jesus says, “God forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.”

Christians believe that while dying on the cross, Jesus had taken the sins of all humans on himself. For those who persecute them so much, Jesus says, “God forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.”

So friends today, how Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for people. His messages written in the Bible are still read by people and they are followed in life, we should learn from Jesus Christ that we should live not only for ourselves but for the benefit of the whole society, family and world and It should be done well.

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