Story of Maa Parvati | Who is the Father of Goddess Parvati?

by Hussain

Story of Maa Parvati | Who is the Father of Goddess Parvati?

Friends, today we will talk about Goddess Parvati, how she did great penance and many struggles to get Lord Shankar. Then at some point, she got Lord Shankar as her husband.

Story of Maa Parvati

The story of Mata Parvati is related to Lord Shankar. Mother Parvati is the incarnation of Shakti, as well as the mother of Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha and the wife of Lord Shankar. She is also called Mother Goddess. Uma, Gauri are also names of Parvati. We will know the complete story of Goddess Parvati, so let’s begin

Mata Parvati was the daughter of King Daksha Prajapati in her previous birth, and in that birth, she was also the wife of Lord Shankar. Her name was Sati, Sati, in the yajna of her father Daksha Prajapati, had consumed herself in Yogagni (योगाग्नि), because she could not bear the insult of her husband. And Himnaresh emerged as Parvati, the home of Himavan.

Legend of past lives

Despite Raja Daksha’s other qualities being a daughter-daughter, he wanted a daughter in his house who would be all-round and conquering all. So Daksha started doing penance in the desire of this type of daughter. As more days passed while doing penance, Bhagwati Adya appeared and said, ‘I am pleased with your penance, and Bhagwati asked the reason for doing penance.

If Daksha told me the reason for doing penance, my mother said, I myself will take birth here as a daughter. My name will be Sati, and I will be born as Sati and expand my pastimes. As a result, after some time, Bhagwati Adya was born here in the form of Sati. Sati was the most supernatural of all Daksha’s daughters.

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Sati performed many such supernatural wonders in his childhood, which Daksha himself was surprised to see. When Sati got married, Daksha began to worry about their marriage. He consulted Brahma Ji in this matter. Brahma Ji said Sati is the incarnation of Adya. Adi Adi Shakti and Shiva etc. are men.

Therefore, Lord Shankar is the worthy and appropriate groom for the marriage of Sati. Daksha obeyed Brahma Ji and married Sati with Lord Shiva. Sati started living in Kailash with Lord Shankar. Lord Shankar was Daksha’s son-in-law, but due to some reason, Daksha’s heart became hostile and hostile towards Lord Shankar.

Once in Dev-Lok, Brahma organized a meeting for the formulation of religion. All the great gods gathered in the assembly. Lord Shankar was also sitting in this assembly. Daksha arrived on the assembly board. On the arrival of Daksha, all the gods got up and stood up, but Lord Shankar did not stand up. He did not even salute Daksha. King Daksha experienced humiliation. Not only this, the fire of jealousy towards Lord Shankar ignited in his heart. They started waiting for time and opportunity to take revenge from them.

Once Sati and Lord Shankar were having a mutual conversation while sitting on Mount Kailash. At the same time, many aircraft appeared from the sky route towards Kankhal. Seeing those planes, Sati asked Lord Shankar, “Lord, who are all these planes and where are they going?” Lord Shankar replied that your father has organized a huge yajna. All the gods and goddesses are going to sit in these planes and join the same yagna. ‘

Hearing this, Sati asked Lord Shankar, did not my father invite you to join the yajna?

Lord Shankar replied, Your father hates me, then why did he call me?

On this occasion, Sati said to Lord Shankar, on this occasion of yajna, all my flow will come. It has been a long time to meet him. If you have my permission, I also want to go to my father’s house. I will join the yagna and you will get the opportunity to meet the sisters also.

Lord Shankar refused Sati to go there and said that your father hates me, maybe he insults you too. It is not appropriate to go to someone’s house without calling.

On this, Lord Shankar said to Sati that the married girl should not go to the father’s house without calling him, because, after marriage, the girl becomes her husband. His connection with the father’s house is broken. But Sati persisted in going to Pihar. She kept repeating herself. Seeing his wish, Lord Shiva permitted to go to Pihar. He sent one of his gana along with him, that name was Veerabhadra. Sati went to her father’s house with Virbhadra.

Nobody had a romantic conversation with Sati at home. King Daksha looking at them said, “Why have you come here?” Look at your sisters, how they are fully decorated with ornaments and beautiful clothes. There are only tigers on your body. Your husband is a crematorium and a hero of ghosts.

What can he leave you and wear? Sati’s heart swelled with repentance with this statement of Daksha. She started thinking that she did no good by coming here. Lord Shankar was rightly saying, one should not even go to the father’s house without calling. But what can happen now? I have already come.

Sati remained silent even after hearing her father’s bitter and insulting words. She went to the Yagyamandal where all the gods and sages were seated and sacrifices were being made in the burning fire in the Yajnakunda. The Yajnandap had a special place for all the gods except Lord Shankar.

Seeing the place of Lord Shankar, he said to his father, Father! Everyone’s place is visible in the sacrificial fire, but Kailash is not of husband. Why didn’t you place them? Daksha replied proudly I do not consider your husband Shankar to be a god. He is the lord of ghosts, living naked and wearing a garland of bones. He is not fit to sit in the line of gods. Who will replace him?

Sati’s eyes were red with anger. His face rose like a sun in the Holocaust. She became very angry. He said in pain, Oh! How I hear these words, I am sorry. Gods damn you too! How are you listening to these words for those Kailash husbands who are the symbols of Mars and who have the power to destroy the whole creation in a mere moment? They are my master’s.

Her husband is heaven for a woman. A woman who hears insulting words for her husband has to go to hell. Listen to the earth, listen to the heavens and the gods, listen to you too! My father has insulted my master. I don’t want to live even for a single moment. Sati jumped into the tank of the yajna, ending her statement. His body also started burning with burning burns.

Then there was a panic in the Yagyamandap, there was a cry. The gods got up and stood up. Veer-Bhadra trembled with anger. They began to destroy the yagna by jumping. There was a stampede in the Yagyamandap. The deity and sage-monk ran away. Virbhadra cut Daksha’s forehead on seeing it. The news also came in the ears of Lord Shankar.

They reached Kankhal like a severe thunderstorm. Seeing the burnt body of Sati, Lord Shankar forgot himself. Sati’s love and devotion made Shankar’s mind distraught. Disturbed the mind of Shankara who had conquered Kama and who could destroy the whole creation. He was lost in the love of Sati, became insensible.

Lord Shankar placed Sati’s burnt body on the shoulder like a man. They started traveling in all directions. Seeing this supernatural love of Shiva and Sati, the earth stopped, the wind stopped, the water stopped and the breath of the gods also stopped.

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The world became distraught, the creatures of the universe triumph! Triamam! Calling, seeing the terrible crisis present, Lord Vishnu, the foster of creation, moved forward. He began to cut every part of Sati in his Lord Chakra in his life without cutting it. In fifty-one places on earth, Sati’s limbs were cut off. When all the parts of Sati were cut off, Lord Shankar came back to himself. When he came into his own, all the works of creation started running again.

The fifty-one places on earth where Sati’s limbs were severed are the only places considered to be Shakti Peetha. Even today, Sati is worshiped, worshiped in those places. Blessed is the love of Lord Shankar and Sati. The love of Lord Shankar and Sati made him immortal and venerable.

Birth as Parvati:

Sati, while sacrificing her body, had resolved that I would be born in King Himalaya and become the Ardhangini of Lord Shankar, in her second birth, Mother Parvati was born as Himnaresh Himavan (lord of mountains) and daughter of Manavati.

Being the daughter of Parvat Raj, she was called ‘Parvati’. Hearing the good news of Parvati’s birth, Devarshi came to Narada Himnaresh’s house. On asking of Himnaresh, Devarshi Narada told about Parvati that your daughter is all virtuous and will be married to Lord Shankar. But to get Lord Shankar as a husband, your daughter will have to do severe penance.

Himnaresh himself wanted him to be married to Lord Shankar. With the guidance of Narada Muni, she agreed to do penance, so that she could marry Lord Shankar. Mother Parvati went to do penance in the forest to get Lord Shankar as her husband. After many years of rigorous penance, in the end, Lord Shankar tests the devotion of Parvati.

Lord Shankar sent the Saptarishis to Mother Parvati to test their love for Parvati. He made many efforts to go to Mata Parvati and convince her that Lord Shankar Oughdar, Amangal Veshadhari, and Jatadhari are and they are not suitable brides for you. You will not get happiness by marrying them. You leave their attention.

But Parvati remained firm in her thoughts. Seeing his perseverance, the Saptarishi was very happy and returned to Lord Shankar, blessing him to be successful. Lord Shankar was very pleased to hear the words of Parvati’s strong love for the Saptarishis.

They come in another form and start committing the evil of Lord Shankar but still, they do not change the decision of Maa Parvati. Lord Shankar is happy with the devotion of Mother Parvati and accepts her as his life partner.

On a certain day, Lord Shankar came to the Himalayas with a procession. They were riding on the bull. He had trident in one hand and damru in one hand. In his procession, along with all the gods, he also had ghosts, ghosts, vampires, etc. All the baraatis were singing dance.

Lord Shankar’s procession which pleased the whole world was very enticing. In this way, Shiva and Parvati got married in the auspicious time and auspicious time and by taking Parvati with them, Shiva started living happily on his abode Kailash. Later he had two sons Karthikeya and Ganesh. Many Puranas also describe his daughter Ashok Sundari.

Friends, this was the story of Lord Shankar and Mother Parvati, how Goddess Parvati received Lord Shankar as her husband, and how many fasts were kept for her. Today, if seen, then our mother Parvati started fasting by our mothers and sisters.

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