Tamil Nadu Electricity Bill Status

by Hussain

Tamil Nadu Electricity Bill Status

Tamil Nadu Electricity Bill Status

The electricity bill status of the states can be improved by the central government bringing down the prices of the FPDCs. While the government is unlikely to bring this up due to the political nature of the issue, the recent tariff revision in the state has not helped. Electricity Bill Status of the States in India

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Tamil Nadu Electricity Bill Status: Tamil Nadu, the only state in India which supplies almost all of its electricity to its residents, is now facing a huge electricity bill. To put it mildly, this is a major problem, but the government seems to be unwilling to take any measures to bring some order to the situation.

Since the state is completely reliant on imported electricity, the chief minister has been taking full responsibility for the bill, while the central government is showing the little will to intervene. One has to ask if the government does not feel the loss of revenue that is associated with this bill and if it doesn’t have enough to put into the Electricity Supply Security Fund that was created for this purpose.

But perhaps the most disturbing part of the electricity bill status is the fact that the citizens of Tamil Nadu have no clue that their state is facing such financial problems. According to them, the country’s domestic consumers enjoy a good level of quality electricity at home, and there is no need to pay large bills, even in times of scarcity. The states’ consumers, who rely on expensive imported energy and power sources, have to suffer through high electricity bills.

And when the citizens of Tamil Nadu feel that they are paying the highest electricity bill in the country, it is natural for them to question the central government’s willingness to intervene. Will they ask the central government to lower the tariff?

Will they ask the central government to raise the tariff for the national level of power to compensate for the lost revenue of the states? Is the government afraid that by raising the tariff for the national level, the states would move towards privatizing their power supply, thereby taking away the livelihood of all the electricians in the country?

Tamil Nadu’s electricity bill status has been worsened by the current government’s policies towards power distribution. While the supply of power from the federal power distribution companies (FPDCs) is regulated, so are the tariffs of the states.

These tariffs are thus skewed in favor of the states. Tamil Nadu’s current government is trying to increase the electricity tariff in order to curb the huge power bills of the state’s consumers.

In fact, a large number of the people in the state want to switch over to the national grid but do not know how to go about it. Power sector reforms initiated by the current government are a major reason why consumers are paying higher prices for electricity.

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And although these reforms seem to have brought down the excessive power bills for consumers, the rates of the few industries in the state are still much higher than the rest of the world. This means that despite the tariff revision, the population is getting the least that the others in the country are paying.

In other words, the electricity bill status of the states is a result of the past policies of the current government. It is obvious that the supply of power from the FPDCs is controlled, and the ones who benefit are the consumers of electricity.

Now that the prices of the FPDCs are slashed by the current government, the burden of the cost of electricity in Tamil Nadu is shifting to the states. This means that the citizens are becoming poorer in the process, without any increase in the quality of their electricity. (Tamil Nadu Electricity Bill Status)

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