How to start the business of making ginger-garlic paste?

by Hussain

How to start a Ginger-garlic paste making business in India

India is an agricultural country and around 60% of the people of India cultivate it. Many of them cultivate garlic and ginger. Garlic and ginger are used in almost every household in India. Some years ago people used to grind ginger and garlic at home.

But it used to take a lot of effort to make its paste at home, so now people have started using its paste which is easily available in the market. Many big companies make such paste and also keep the quality of their paste good so that there is no problem in marketing their paste.

By investing less capital in this business, it can earn very good profits. How can we start this business, next we are going to tell you?

Ginger Garlic Paste Making Business – How to Start in India

Market demand for garlic and ginger paste

Garlic and ginger paste are always in demand in the market because now most people have started using its paste. Since garlic and ginger have many medicinal properties, people use it, but the taste of its food also increases, so people like it more. Considering the demand for garlic and ginger paste in the market, it is a profitable business.

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Choose the right place for business

Before starting the business of garlic and ginger paste, you must choose the right place. Choose a place for business where you can get all kinds of facilities. It should be a little pass from the market so that there is no problem with electricity. Roads are built so that there is no problem in getting raw materials.

Essential Requirements in Garlic Ginger Paste Business

To start the business of ginger garlic paste, we will need many things.

Such as some machines for making a paste, packing machines, raw malls, etc. All these are very basic needs. Also like electricity connections, workers, shops, etc.

Garlic Ginger Paste Costs In Business

The cost depends on the cost of garlic and ginger paste business. If you want to open your business on a large scale, more capital will have to be incurred. But if you have money and want to start a small business.

So you can start your business even with less money. You can put this business at least from 15000 to 5 lakhs. In this business, there are only more expensive machines, so in the beginning, but a little fewer machines. When you start making profits, you can spread your business even more.

How much money is earned in this business

There are many factors behind the earnings in any business. You will earn according to your capital in your business. Good quality and test of your paste. Your product sale should be good so that you can get maximum profit. If you keep in mind the quality of your product, the price of your product and the needs of the customer, then your business will be successful.

Garlic Ginger Paste Machine For Business

Many types of machines are used in this business. You will get all these machines easily, you can buy these machines online and offline in any way. If you want to take these machines online then this machine is easily available at Indiamart. All machines are as follows –

  • Water jet washer
  • Skin peeling machine
  • Crusher
  • Pulper machine
  • Stainless steel tank
  • Mixing machine
  • Packing  machine

the business of making ginger-garlic paste

Raw Materials

Only ginger and garlic are used as  Raw Materials in the ginger and garlic paste business. Along with this, PRESERVATIVES is also used so that the paste does not deteriorate quickly and can be kept for more days.

Ginger and garlic are cultivated in many regions of India such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, etc. To buy garlic and ginger, you can buy it directly from the mandi.

License for Garlic Ginger Paste Business

Before opening any business, you need a license. There is a separate organization in every field which after examining your product gives you a license. Such as FSSAI licenses in the food sector.

If you want its license, then you will have to go to their site and apply and after some time they will check your product. If the quality of your product is good, then they will give you a license, but keep in mind that during the investigation, the quality of your product is good or the license can be rejected. If you want, you can also register your business on MSME.

Loan for business

If you are short of money for business, you can still start your business. The government of India has started many schemes to promote business, which you can take help of.

Ginger and Garlic Paste Some Important Things for Business

  • You should maintain the quality of your paste so that everyone can buy your product.
  • Talk to both the small seller and big seller for marketing. So that your product marketing is good.
  • Keep the price of your product the same as all the products in the market.
  • Promote your product also so that people know more and more and buy your product.

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