The Donkey and The Dog Story in English | Best Story

by Hussain

The Donkey and The Dog Story in English | Best Story

We have presented an informative story of donkeys and dogs in this article. This story is very interesting as well as it gives us a very important Learning about success.

The Donkey and The Dog Story in English

Once upon a time, there was a washerman in a village. He had a dog and a donkey (The Donkey and The Dog Story in English). He used to take good care of both of them and he also used to do every good work of his master. The washerman’s dog used to take care of the house and the donkey helped carry the washerman’s clothes from one place to another.

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Once upon a time, washerman was asleep. At the same time, two thieves entered her house to steal her. The dog came to know that someone had entered the house and started barking loudly. Then the washerman and the nearby household got up and caught the thieves. The washerman and nearby people praised the dog and the washerman spoke – I am proud that I have this dog.

From that day onwards, the donkey started thinking that his owner understands the dog better than him and he thought in his mind to do something so that the owner also praised him. A few months passed. One day, the thieves once again went to steal washerman’s house. The donkey was awake that day, so he heard the thieves talking. The thieves were talking about – Watch a dog sleeping outside the house carefully.

Then the donkey got an idea. He thought that if he shouted, the thieves could be caught. This is also a good chance for him to prove that he too can show his ability to his boss. Thinking this the donkey shouted. Seeing the donkey screaming at night, the dhobi came with a punch and he beat the donkey with a stick and said – After this if you ever shout at night, you will beat me even more.

Meanwhile, the thieves also escaped from there.

After that the dog came there and said to the donkey – it is better that you do your work. Don’t be a donkey, be a dog. The donkey realized his mistake and after that, both of them started living in peace.

Learn from the story

We should do our own work properly and do not start seeing that success in any work of others. We must understand what our ability is and what we can succeed in.

I hope you like this dog and donkey story and have got something to learn. You can also read another such enlightening story – ‘Monkey and Crocodile Story in English | Best Story in 2020‘.

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