The Impact of Social Media on Students

by Hussain

The Impact of Social Media on Students

Social media is not benefiting as much nowadays, and it is causing much more harm than that. It is also negatively impacting people. Today’s children who are showing great interest in social media, their time is being wasted on social media by not taking studies.

He spends more and more of his time on social media. Ever since people have started using social media a lot, diseases have also begun increasing in people. People sit and run social media in one place.

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Many diseases occur in them due to movement or walking, exercising, playing, jumping, etc. This causes great harm to the eyes of the people and also makes a big difference in their intelligence.

Many people commit cybercrime through social media. For example, people steal someone’s password, take personal information from them, or steal their mobile photos and videos.

People are fooled in this, and many people do not have a good knowledge of social media. He gets caught in someone else’s deception, from which all his money is removed from his account.

In this, people are also blackmailed by hacking their things. Many types of sites in it are sent through social media, which are very tempting to people, and people get entangled in their laughter.

The Impact of Social Media on Students

Famous social media platforms

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Linkedin
  • Whatsapp
  • Tumblr
  • My space
  • TikTok
  • Vmate
  • Holo

Social Media Services

  • Free messaging
  • Free photo send
  • Send free videos
  • Free calling
  • Free video calling
  • Free money sending facility

Benefits / positive effects from social media

Direct contact with loved ones

The most significant benefit of this is that we can stay in direct contact with our friends, relatives, loved ones, and there is no charge. All types of social media platforms are entirely free. No money has to be paid.

You can send messages, photos, videos to your loved ones. Can do free calling. Staying on this keeps everyone aware of friends. Where are they going? What you are doing, what ceremony, attending the party, everything is known.

Freedom of expression

We can do our prosecution on media like Facebook, Twitter. You can express your favorite subjects like film, cricket, gardening, your personal life, wedding, any function. Today social media has become a powerful means of expression. Has become a means of raising voice against injustice.

Source of entertainment

On this, you can make many new friends. You can entertain yourself by joining a group with a particular hobby.

Nowadays, there are many groups like fans of cricket, poetry, film world, gardening, cooking (cooking), gardening, reading books, by joining with which you can further enhance your hobby. In this way, social media is a powerful means of entertainment.

Store of knowledge

Social media has become a new repository of knowledge nowadays. You can get all kinds of information on it. The expert can answer any questions. In this way, it is also a storehouse of knowledge.

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New way of studying

Nowadays, prominent institutes, coaching, teachers, professors, social media are taught on YouTube. It is free. Do not pay any money to students. Poor students can also study from here.

New means of earning money

In today’s Internet era, thousands of people are making money with the help of social media. People are earning thousands of millions every month by making their channels and posting their videos, posts. Today, millions of people have made their channels on platforms like YouTube.

They are earning money by showing their skills. People are earning thousands of rupees by making comedy shows, teaching, making travel vlogs, teaching them how to cook, singing, and acting. In this way, social media has opened up new employment opportunities.

Business / business promotion tool

Nowadays, the best advantage of social media is that you can promote your business, trade, spread on it. People who have formed a company can help themselves here. This gives them new customers—their income increases.

Loss / negative impact from social media

People are addicted to it

This is its biggest drawback. It is such an attractive tool that people keep using it for many hours. People are addicted to it. Users leave their essential work and keep doing it.

Children are stealing from their studies. They mostly stick to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Mainly their eyes are weakened by the use of computers and mobile phones.

Obesity is increasing by sitting in one place continuously. High blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases occur. Therefore, social media should be used for a limited time.

Loss of time

Social media users waste their precious time, which they can use to create their future. From children to elders, they give 3 to 4 hours daily on social media.

Loss of money

People use Internet packs repeatedly in their phones to use social media. This way, money is lost.

Social media makes it irresponsible.

Nowadays, something like this has started happening. Police officers, teachers, bank workers, railway workers, other job workers are busy doing Facebook, Whats, YouTube instead of doing their duty in their office. They do not perform their duties properly.

Such news is being heard in the coming days. The police do not pay attention to catching criminals, and the teacher is not paying attention to the education of the children in school. They all keep on social media on the phone.

Rumor spreads social media.

Friends, there are all kinds of good and bad people in our society. Some anti-social people spread false rumors on social media. They edit the wrong picture, video, and publish it, which creates a variety of problems. Many times people consider an innocent person as a thief, a marauder, and even beat them to death.

Many times an attempt is made to incite riots. For example, in the Muzaffar Nagar riots in 2013, many false rumors were spread on social media.

Attempts are made to invite people from different religions, Hindu and Muslim. There is an attempt to spread religious fanaticism, religious hysteria. That is why we should think about and use social media.

Social media takes away from reality

Its intoxication is such that reasonable people fall prey to it. When people get addicted to it, they consider the virtual (virtual), virtual friend as their real friend while that person is hundreds of km away. In this way, people go away from reality. They are lost in the world of dreams.

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Some people do not even leave the house for many days. They were engaged on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. They stop associating with people in their neighborhood. Unaware of what is happening in the community. The friends of social media consider their real friends. In this way, it takes away from reality.

Political parties misuse

Today, many political parties in the country try to get more and more votes by talking about caste, religion, community, etc. The leaders of parties put on Hate speech on social media by giving “hate messages.”

They want to straighten their owl. They try to provoke the logo on media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. They do all this to get votes and for personal selfishness.

The conclusion

In today’s article, we have told you in detail about the “social media impact on society.” Just as every coin has two sides, social media also has two aspects – good and evil. If we use it thoughtfully, then it will prove beneficial. Therefore, we should use it judiciously.


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