The Talkative Tortoise English Short Stories for Kids

by Hussain

The Talkative Tortoise Panchatantra Moral Story 

Story Title – Talkative Tortoise

Once upon a time, a tortoise named Kambugriva lived near a lake. Two stork birds who were friends with him lived in the lake. Once in summer, the lake began to dry up, and there was little water left for the animals.

The stork told the turtle that there is another lake in the second forest where there is a lot of water, they should go there to survive. They agreed to go there with the turtle as planned. He took a stick and asked to hold the turtle in the middle of the mouth and told not to open his mouth, no matter what. The turtle agreed with him.

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The turtle caught the stick of the stick with his teeth and the two mustard grabbed both corners of the stick with his beak. On the way, people from villages were seen flying turtles and were very surprised. There was an uproar on the ground about the two birds who were carrying the turtle with the help of a stick.

Despite the mustard warning, the tortoise opened his mouth and said: “Why is all this uproar?” He fell and died as soon as he said this.

Moral of the Story

You should speak as much as you need. Honey is done to itself by talking more about what is useless.

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