Top 10 Target Quotes

by Hussain

Top 10 Target Quotes – Friends, there is a goal in every man’s life in this world because God has sent us some goal on the earth. To achieve the goal, we must have determination, perseverance, hard work, enthusiasm, self-confidence. Many times if we fail, we start thinking negatively.

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At that time we need to motivate our mind and brain. For which either we resort to a good book or find a good article, stories, and quotes on the internet. So friends here I am publishing some target quotes. So let’s read the quotes now …………

Top 10 Target Quotes

  1. To achieve the goal, it is good to put the instincts home. ~ Sampurnanand
  2. The goal of all human actions is to achieve the climax of progress. ~ Satya Sai Baba
  3. The principle of seeing your goals met works in all areas of life.
  4. Whenever you set a goal, you have to become obsessed with it. Failures should not negatively impact you. There is no need to deviate from the amount of time it takes to achieve the goal.
  5. A clear picture is essential to achieve meaningfulness.
  6. Where there are big resolutions, there can not be great calamities and crises. ~ Machiavelli
  7. The larger the target, the longer and rugged the path. ~ Sane Guru
  8. Everyone who listens and obeys does not reach any conclusion.
  9. Make a goal of your life, because aimless life wanders like a boat without a hull.
  10. Our life is a bird, it can fly only a short distance, it has spread its wings, look, think its direction quickly

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