Valentine Day Celebration, History, List in English 2021

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Valentine Day Celebration, History, List in English 2021

Valentine Day Celebration, History and List

What is valentine’s day?

Valentine’s day is a day of great happiness and enthusiasm for all those loving couples. On this special occasion, we express our love to whomever we want.

We all know that the month of February is special for everyone because it is called the month of love. Valentine’s Day is celebrated around the world on 14 February. People all over the world express their love to their lover on this day and people express to their loved ones how much they love them.

Well, this month, a full week is celebrated as valentine’s day. This whole week is called valentine’s week. This week starts from 7th February and ends on 14th February but it has a complete list of 14 days which is also known as Valentine’s day list.

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Valentine’s day is celebrated in almost all countries of the world, but in many countries, it is also known by a different name. For example, in China, this day is celebrated as ‘Nights of Sevens’.

People of China also express their love to their loved ones on this day. And Japanese people consider this day as ‘White Day‘. This month, people of almost all countries observe Valentine’s Day for the whole week. And share your feelings with your loved ones and give each other gifts and lots of love.

History of Valentine Day in English 2021

Although people have given many reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day, people believe that it was named after Saint Valentine. Who was the eleventh pastor of Rome? Although there are many historical views to celebrate it, due to some confirmation about Saint Valentin, it is considered right.

The story of Saint Valentin dates back to the time when an extremely cruel and tyrannical king of Rome was Claudius II. Claudius II opposed the affair and marriage of his soldiers and officers. He believed that when a person is in a marriage or a love affair, he will think about his family and his girlfriend, not about war.

Because of which he hated power. He wanted men to think only about the war and the victory of their king. And that’s why he would not let anyone get married. At the same time Valentin, the eleventh pastor of Rome, opposed this idea of ​​the king and began to marry the king’s soldiers and officers.

His description is found in the book ‘Aurea of ​​Jacobus de Vorazin’ about Saint Valentin. When King Claudius II came to know about this, he imprisoned him in the Saint Valentine’s prison and sentenced him to death. Saint Valentin was hanged on February 14, that’s why Valentine’s Day is celebrated in his name.

Some people believe that Saint Valentin had donated his eyes to the jailer’s blind daughter at the time of his death, and wrote in his last letter “Your Valentine”. After this, on 14 February, Valentine’s Day was celebrated in the name of Saint Valentine, who offered his sacrifice for selfless love and love.

Valentine Day List in English

We all know that Valentine’s Day begins on the 7th of February and ends on 14th on Valentine’s Day. A week is called Valentine Week. This week does not end. The week after that, the week from 15 to 21 February is called Anti-Valentine Week.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world with much celebration and gaiety. The youth especially enjoy it. The youth is waiting for Valentine’s Day and they celebrate Valentine Week with great fun and include many of their memories in their lives. Let us know about this whole week:

7 February – Rose Day

Valentine’s Week begins with ‘Rose Day’ on 7 February. Rose is the tradition of giving red roses to your loved ones on this day. People believe that there is hardly any other beautiful flower-like rose. That is why people give rose flowers to him on this day, which he loves. Because there is hardly anyone beautiful than the one we love.

8 February – Propose Day

If you want to propose someone, then you can propose the one you love on Propose Day on the second day of Valentine’s Week i.e. on February 8. On the day of Propose Day, all the youth speak their hearts to their loved ones and also give a good gift.

9 February – Chocolate Day

The third day of Valentine Week, i.e. 9th February Chocolate Day, on this day all lovers give chocolate to their girlfriend. And with their love to go far. That is why it is called Chocolate Day. Some people believe that like the sweetness of Chocolate, we should add sweetness to our love. The story of the next day of Valentine Week after the sweetness of chocolate.

10 February – Teddy Day

After Chocolate Day, when the talk progresses further and the matter reaches Teddy. Then people give their girlfriend a gift with a cute and soft teddy gift. This day is called Teddy Day. Giving your girlfriend a cute and soft teddy means that her feeling towards him is equally soft and beautiful.

11 February – Promise Day

After Teddy Day, the fifth day of Valentine’s Week i.e. 11th February i.e. Promise Day i.e. Day of Promises. On this day, all lovers and girlfriend promise each other that they will fulfill this love. That is why it is called Promise Day. This is a very special day because every relationship is important and it is equally important to maintain it.

12 February – Hug Day

After Promise Day, when love grows further, then it is time to do Hug. That is why it is called Hug Day. On the occasion of this day, all lovers and girlfriends hag each other and make them feel their love and their being.

13 February – Kiss Day

The sixth day of Valentine Week after Hug Day i.e. Kiss Day. People celebrate this day in a very romantic form because on this day all lovers and girlfriend kiss each other. That is why the day is named Kiss.

14 February – Valentine’s Day

Valentine Weekends on 14 February i.e. Valentine’s Day. Most couples repeat Valentine Week on this day and spend more and more time with each other. Keeping his promises and sharing his feelings with his lover.

After the end of Valentine Week, the next week is called Anti-Valentine Week. which is like this :

15 February – Slap Day

The Anti -Valentine Week starts as soon as Valentine Weekends. It starts with Slap Day. Slap means that we kill him because of which our feeling is hurt. When Feeling of Couples reaches Chong, he slaps his lover because their feelings are attached to him.

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16 February – Kick Day

It is the second day of Anti-Valentine Week. By the way, this day has no special significance in itself. But people celebrate it with fun. Kick does not mean that one has to be violent. It is named Kick Day so that the name looks like Anti-Valentine.

17 February – Perfume Day

It is the eleventh day of Valentine’s Week and the third day of Anti-Valentine Week. On this day, couples give each other perfume gifts according to their personalities. People believe that their lover should give perfume to them so that their personality is good.

18 February – Flirting Day

The fourth day of AT-Valentine’s Week is Flirting Day. Many people get tense after spending Valentine’s week, provided they have to flirt a day in February to work. On this day, people flirt with their loved ones.

19 February – Confession Day

After Flirting Day, Confession Day is celebrated on 19 February. On this day people tell their love secret to each other. Some people also call it a day of honesty or confession. Because all people open the secret hidden in their hearts on this day. That is why this day is called Confession Day.

February 20 – Missing Day

Valentine’s Day is the second last day of celebrations. When we love someone very much, we remember it. That is why, on 20 February, Missing Day has been made to remember those who love them. On this day everyone celebrates this day by remembering their loved ones.

21 February – Breakup Day

It is the last day of Anti-Valentine Week and Valentine’s Celebration. Which is celebrated on 21 February after Missing De? Due to cracks in the relationship of many people, bitterness starts in their relationship. They end their relationship on this day and break up from their lover and observe this day. That is why this day is named Breakup Day.

Thus, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Hope this article tells you the history, story of Valentine’s Day. Information about its list and importance must have been received. If you have some suggestions related to Valentine’s Day, then share us through the comment.

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