Vigilance Awareness Week in English 2021

by Hussain

Vigilance Awareness Week in English 2021

Welcome to this article, Vigilance Awareness Week in English 2021. Friends, being alert and aware, is very helpful for the development of any human being or society.

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A society or nation that is not aware and alert has to face great hardship, an example of which you can take as your country, who had been enslaved for hundreds of years in imperialism and had to pay a huge price for freedom, this article I will learn about Vigilance Awareness Week in English 2021.

What is Vigilance Awareness Week?

The last week of October every year has been declared as “Vigilance Awareness Week” by the Central Vigilance Commission, keeping in mind the birthday of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Sardar Patel was born on October 31, and Sardar Patel had a significant contribution in mobilizing and making India aware. Last year, Vigilance Awareness Week was observed from October 28 to November 02, in which efforts were made to eradicate corruption.

The vigilance awareness week is a must for some of the following reasons.

  • Mission-like energy comes in efforts to spread awareness and vigilance through Vigilance Awareness Week.
  • In Vigilance Awareness Week, the role of thousands of millions is included, so that every person or institution has explained the essential things on the theme chosen in its expansion.
  • Illiterate people are easy to understand because vigilance and awareness are spreading to their local people. Every effort is made to make them aware through radio and television.
  • Through pamphlets and banners, the relevant information is given to both educated and uneducated people.

In India, illiteracy and unhealth are the two main concerns. Due to lack of both, negligence and awareness are born, and programs like Vigilance Awareness Week spread awareness in such parts of the society that their deprivation is spread. The reason is disconnected from community.

Central vigilance commission

The cow came into the country under the Central Vigilance Commission Act, 2003 to help the Central Vigilance Commission fight corruption and ensure honesty in public administration. It has been initiated to monitor all vigilance activities under the Central Government and advising various authorities in the Central Government and organizations.

Along with this, their vigilance work is being planned, implemented, and reviewed for systemic improvement in governance. Additionally, the Commission, along with its outreach activities, also seeks to create awareness among the common man, especially the youth, towards a policy of achieving transparency, accountability, and corruption-free governance.

History of Vigilance Awareness Week

Talking about the history of Vigilance Awareness Week, it started in 1999, but in 2006, an attempt to run it on mission mode started.

The Commission believes that this subject will attract the attention of all sections of the society, especially the youth, towards building an honest, non-discriminatory, and corruption-free community and will help make society ideologically clean.

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The Commission has requested all the Central Government Ministries / Organizations to start activities related to this subject within their organization.

Last year, the Commission had created some major guidelines such as taking the oath of loyalty by all employees in vigilance and awareness work conducted within the organization, spreading awareness related information through pamphlets and other anti-corruption measures, etc.

In the year 2017, more than sixty thousand awareness campaign meetings were organized through this program. I am weaving the necessary fabric to get rid of the main social disturbances like illiteracy, unhealthy, corruption, etc.

The present government has given all the strength to spread awareness, whether it is awareness of the use of toilets or necessary awareness is being made to keep everyone in mind.

Vows to be taken during Vigilance Awareness Week

During the vigilance awareness week, some pledges are taken as individuals and institutions, which are given below.

I believe that corruption has been a major obstacle in the development of society and country and I also believe that today we need to work together to remove this evil from our society, I realize that every citizen Must be alert and committed.

  • I involve myself in the fight against corruption.
  • It is my ultimate duty to follow the law in all walks of life.
  • I pledge not to take a bribe nor give it to anyone else.
  • I will be honest and transparent in all work.
  • I will do such works, which will lead to the welfare of society and the country.
  • I will inform anti-corruption agencies against corruption.

Slogans in Hindi on Vigilance Awareness Week

Friends! Slogans have a lot of power; slogans are prepared with the help of some special words, and those words leave a deep impression on the brain of any learner. Here are some of the best slogans for the Vigilance Aware Week, which are genuinely understood by reading and keeping vigil.

  • Vigilance and awareness first start with us.
  • We will change India will change.
  • Our only slogan from now on.
  • Neither entering nor giving is our job from now on.
  • Corruption is like a mite in this society crop.
  • Which gradually destroys the entire crop.
  • Vigilance and awareness are the prices of freedom.
  • Come together, let us choose corruption and throw it out together.
  • Now the time has come to say ‘no’ to corruption with full power.
  • We must trust the law, not the aid of the table below.
  • Vigilance causes the safety of life while driving.
  • Safety is a real awareness of AIDS.
  • Corona will lose India wins.

The conclusion

In this Vigilance Awareness Week article, you read some important steps taken by the Government of India to increase vigilance and awareness efforts. In which you know the perspective from the history of Vigilance Awareness Week to the present. You also read some of the best slogans for Vigilance Awareness Week.

Hope you have liked this article, you can download this Vigilance Awareness Week article in PDF form and share it with your friends.


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