Welcome Speech for College Function

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Welcome Speech for College Function

Welcome Speech for College Function in English

Welcome Speech for College Function: In this post, we have given examples or sample format of welcome speech of the Chief Guest for school and college. Welcome speeches are delivered in a variety of ceremonies, such as on an annual college day, sports day, a prize distribution day, or any other event to which the chief guest is invited.

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Like other speeches, the speeches for the reception also vary according to the program and ceremony. Today in this article, we have presented you with a sample of some of the best beautiful speeches in English to start many types of applications and celebrations and welcome people. Examples of all these welcome speeches will help you with your exams and many kinds of parties.

The welcome speech should have a powerful force so that the audience sitting in front of it would like to listen and listen carefully to you. Let us tell you a few examples and formats of the welcome address of the chief guest.

1. Chief Guest Welcome Speech on Golden Jubilee Day

All of you present are warmly welcomed by _________ School/College, Lucknow on this 50th annual day. Today we are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of our school’s Golden Jubilee with great pleasure. For any educational institution, completing 50 years is a huge thing, and it seems like the fulfillment of a dream.

This day gives us more inspiration and so also provides us the power to take our school further. Today, we remember the day when we saw the walls of our school being built and in its courtyard planted beautiful small trees that have become very tall and beautiful today.

I am proud that I have chosen a task in which I have had the opportunity to teach something to our responsible citizens here. Today I also want to congratulate and thank all the parents who supported their children as well as our school members.

On behalf of everyone present here, I welcome the inaugurator and guest of this conference, Mr. _____. It is an honor for our school/college and us that he has taken his valuable time and joined our Golden Jubilee program today. She has made many priceless steps to remove illiteracy as well as her main contribution towards promoting women empowerment.

Along with this, he has also started many rituals and orphanages for girl education, where girls are given free training. So let us welcome our guest Mr. _______ Ji on stage with thunderous applause and listen to his life experiences and precious words.

Thank you!

2. Chief Guest Welcome Speech on Annual Sports Day

Good morning / good evening / good evening / good morning to all of you,

Today, on behalf of the _______ Academy, I welcome you all to this annual Sports Day, year _____. Sports are an integral part of our life, which gives us health and vitality. Along with studying in schools and colleges, it is essential to have sports as well.

Therefore, in our school, students are given facilities for education as well as sports. Physical education brings confidence and inspiration in the lives of children and elders. That is why every year we organize an annual sports day in our school so that children can further develop their sportsmanship.

Another great pleasure is that this year our school has been given the status of the best institution and our efforts will always be such that our institute can get precious status here every year. I want to thank my school teachers as well as the parents who encouraged their children to progress in education as well as sports.

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So welcome with respect our Chief Guest, Sports Minister of our state Mr. ________ G who has won three gold medals and two bronze medals for our country in the first Olympic.

Thank you!

3. Welcome keynote address at the anniversary

Good morning to all of you / good evening / good evening / good morning

Honorable Guest Mr. _________, Chairman _________, Principal Sir _______, teachers and my dear classmates, all of you are warmly welcomed at our school’s annual celebrations.

My name is Vijay Kumar, and I am a student of class XII and also the secretary of this cultural program. Today I am thrilled to tell you that today our school has completed 25 years, and today we are celebrating Silver Jubilee. We all know that today is an important day for our school and us.

It is a matter of great honor that our school has completed its 25 years with immense success. But this is no end but the first step of the beginning, after which our school will move forward. Every person in our school has an equal hand behind the success of our school because only by working together we get success.

We should always make our full contribution to taking our school or institute forward. Now it is time for us to start this literary program. Before starting the program, I would like to honor our honorable Chief Guest Mr. ______ Ji on the stage so that he can begin to the festival with his thoughts and blessings.

Thank you!

4. Guest reception address for award distribution ceremony

Good morning to the esteemed audience.

I welcome all of you to our ceremony as the chairman of this award distribution committee. Respected audience, it is very heartening to tell all of you that this year the number of winners is many times more than in previous years.

Before this award distribution ceremony, I would like to give a message to every student who participated in this competition, that the meaning of losing or winning only remains as long as you both share the same You see it from the point of view There are many benefits to losing. We learn from suffering, we fail to know what is the way to win. Winning gives us confidence for the next stop.

I think both the defeat and the victory of the person who went ahead and participated in this competition. This is because every student who has involved in this competition or any competition is a student. He is the winner because he tried to do that work.

If that student did not even try, would he ever have the idea of ​​defeat and victory? Both defeat and victory go by giving a lot to any human being. I want to tell the people sitting here that, in my view, a loss has increased many times over a hundred victories because a necklace goes to any person by giving courage to hundred victories, provided that your mind should be generous towards that defeat.

I respect all the losing students equally and request them to learn from this by not giving up their defeat. There will be thousands of opportunities in life, and you have to take advantage of these opportunities with your positivity.

The competition for which we have gathered on this platform for the prize distribution ceremony was a general knowledge competition. This subject has its importance in the life of students. It is said that general knowledge is an ocean, but nowadays, due to one school, students are not able to get even a single drop in this ocean.

If you approach any government examination, you will find that the main subject there is general knowledge. But there is no place for extensive experience in the education system of today’s schools. These schools continue to run their courses, and the students of these schools have limited and limited knowledge.

But whether they are children of these schools or those schools, these children are the future of our country. This competition was created by my committee to make these children curious about general knowledge.

The reason for bringing this subject to the children in the form of competition was that the children would pay attention to it but only in the fascination of game and reward. They will at least read the right general knowledge to win this competition. By studying general knowledge, they will acquire an education which they need, apart from school education.

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Dear listeners, I pause my speech by saying so much and urge the other members of the ceremony to take this ceremony forward. I congratulate all the winning students and best wishes to all the losing students for the time to come. Please do not consider this or any defeat of your life because if life is there, then you will get many chances to win.

Thank you all for listening to me.

5. Freshers Party welcome speech

Dear Principal, Respected Teacher Gan, and my dear colleagues.

Today we are all gathered here for the fresher’s party. It is part of a custom. It has been practiced for centuries that when any new member comes in the family, it is welcomed. It is the responsibility of other family members to greet him.

Today we are all gathered for the same work. This is a freshers party of first-year students. I am thankful to the management committee that has given me the confidence to welcome all of you, and I promise that I will not let my faith be broken down even more during my address.

Friends, all of you have recently joined our college, so as a senior, I must welcome you all. This freshers party for all of you. Is placed in the joy of joining our family. I am thrilled that our college family has grown. You have now joined the youth in that family.

You have recently left your school and come to our school for further studies. I feel like leaving your school must have been a painful moment for you. You must have been emotionally attached to that school, but still, you had to leave that school. Friends, such a human being, happens in life.

We have to leave everything for some reason or the other. I am well aware of the agony you experienced when you left your school, but I can say that in our college, you will get as much affection as you have in your school. You will get the same kind of family atmosphere here as well, and my other colleagues and I will make an effort not to miss your school.

Friends, if I talk about the level of education in our college and the teachers, then you will see such a college almost anywhere. The teachers here are a figment of generosity and humility, and they are genuinely redefining the values ​​of being a teacher. The teachers here are going to be very much important in your life. I have learned a lot from the teachers here.

If I tell you about our college, then you all might be surprised. It is a record in our college that every student is given full opportunity to develop here. Every student can improve his or her face by coming here. Our college has the highest facility from the library facility to sports. Many of the students here have got their game up to the state level. If I talk about other areas, our college is inclined towards culture and traditions.

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Friends, overall, I feel that I want to thank all of you for the confidence you have expressed in us as part of our college. This college opens its two arms and welcomes promising students to you. I hope all of you that you will understand the values ​​of our college and will enhance the reputation of our college.

Friends, I pause my speech now. Thank you all for hearing my thoughts. I take my place now. Thank you

I hope you like this Chief Guest Welcome Speech School College Welcome Speech in.

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