What are refurbished phones? Advantages Disadvantages

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Let me tell you what are refurbished phones? Advantages and disadvantages of What are Refurbished Phones and complete information about its pros and cons.

What are Refurbished phones?

Usually refurbished phones are called handsets of mobile which are sent back due to a problem or fault in a person after purchasing, after which it is repaired and put back on the cell.

It is also not necessary that those phones are returned due to a fault, but sometimes the customer changes his mind after taking the phone and he returns it within 30 days of purchase, the shop keeper often gives such phones Also called refurbished phones.

These refurbished phones are thoroughly checked before putting them on the cell to see if all its parts are functioning properly or not. Not only this, under the Data Protection Act, the seller will completely remove any data already on that phone.


Refurbished Phones: Pros and Cons

For different reasons, refurbished phones can prove to be a better alternative to a new handset. Because refurbished phones have been used once, there is no guarantee that there will be any problem in the future. That’s why before buying a refurbished phone, you should know about its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Their low price is the biggest reason for buying a refurbished phone. Instead of buying a new branded phone, people prefer to buy its refurbished version, because it saves them a lot of money. Refurbished phones are sold with large discounts as they are used once and cannot be sold again as ‘new’. These refurbished phones are mostly bought by people whose phone has been stolen or lost and they do not have enough money to get a new phone.
  • The other big advantage of buying refurbished phones is that by taking these phones, you save the environment from loss. Refurbished phones are recycled products, which protect the environment from damage.
  • Another advantage of taking refurbished phones is its warranty. When you take refurbished phones from a reputable company, they give you a warranty of at least 90 days, and if there is any malfunction or malfunction in your phone for those 90 days then the seller will repair your phone for free. Let’s get it done.
  • Once this phone is tested by the company, these handsets are tested by the user and skilled technician. So they are usually more secure than the rest of the phone because so many people test it.


While there are good reasons for buying refurbished phones at a low price, environment-friendly and warranty, there can be many disadvantages to buying refurbished phones.

  • Because these refurbished phones have been used earlier by someone else and have been returned due to a spread function, it is obvious that in the future also it may come in the way of any defect. These can be in the defect hardware as well as the software of the phone. There can be internal defects in the phone such as the quality of the phone camera or speaker or external defect such as scratches, or cracks.
  • And as far as the warranty offered in refurbished phones is concerned, it is always one year less, which is less than the warranty on the new phone. The warranty given in any new handset ranges from 1 to one and a half and two years.
  • While taking such a phone, you do not know what and how much is right in the parts inside it. That is, there may be a problem. Now you can not even check the parts of the new phone, but there are different things because you get more warranty i.e. 1 year. The only problem with such a phone is that it is difficult to find out to what extent things are right and to what extent it is bad.

 Other Things to Consider

There is no guarantee that the refurbished phone you have taken will have any defect or it will work well. According to one report, refurbished phones are less likely to find new phone defects, as they are properly inspected, serviced, tested and repackaged to make them look like an original product before being resold.

But this is not necessarily the case with every refurbished phone. It depends on your luck. But friends, there are some things which need to be kept in mind before buying such a phone. Those things are the following: –

  • This kind of phone will definitely be correct, but this thing is obvious, but many times it happens that the selling companies do not properly explain those deficiencies. For example, if there is a deficiency in any part which cannot be caught, then they also try to hide it, so if you buy any such phone, then you must check what are the problems in it.
  • There is not much difference in the price of such a phone, but if you feel that you are getting this phone at a very low price, then make sure to check.

The above-mentioned things were quite common but almost everyone ignores these things, whereas they should not do so. Many times during the purchase, we do a lot of big investigation, but often get caught in small things, due to which there is a problem.

Overall If you are thinking of getting a phone at a discount and a lower price to replace your old phone, then a refurbished phone can prove to be a better option for you.


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