What is CAPTCHA and How it Works?

by Hussain

Captcha, Its Types, How it Works 

When logging in or signing up anywhere, you must have filled the captcha. The question must have also come to mind that what is this captcha, and what is the need (Needs of Captcha)?

Captcha, Its Types, How it Works

In this article, we will know what is captcha? (Meaning of Captcha), How Captcha Works, and What are the benefits of Captcha (Benefits Of Captcha).

What is Captcha?

I understood in easy language, the captcha is a kind of code, which solves the web page moving forward.

You must have seen the captcha code while logging in or signing up on many websites. The main function of captcha is to differentiate between machine and human. If there is no captcha, then spam spreads all over the internet, but captcha prevents these spam from growing.

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How does Captcha work?

Captcha code is designed in such a way that it can be opened by humans only. The numerals and alphabets involved are twisted in such a way that only humans can solve them.

Robots may be much more modern but they are not as intelligent as humans due to which they are unable to open captcha code. Significantly, robots are always able to read-only written directly.

Types of Captcha

There are many types of captcha. If you have ever been raised with captcha, then you must have seen that almost every website has different types of problems. There are a lot of captchas on the internet, including Math Problem, Word Problem, Social Media Captcha, Time Based Captcha.

Benefits Of Captcha code

Captcha code is designed to prevent spam. If I say in easy language, there are many websites on which fake ID is created to collect traffic. Such fake IDs are controlled by computer robots and software.

Captcha was created to prevent such robots. The captcha rotates and shows numbers and alphabets so that the robots cannot read it.

Other advantages of captcha code are: –

  • Spam can be avoided by using captcha.
  • CAPTCHA has been installed on several payment gateways to prevent the website from running.

Disadvantages of Captcha Code

While captcha has many advantages, it also has many disadvantages. Following are the disadvantages of captcha code: –

  • Captcha code is very difficult to read, due to which the normal user is not able to use it.
  • Due to this, most website visitors leave the website.
    It takes too much time.

History of Captcha Code – How Captcha made

The captcha code was first created in the year 2000. The captcha code was first used by Yahoo. The captcha code blocked many hackers. The main weapon of hackers is spam. Captcha was created to prevent spam.

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