What is Corona Hotspot and its rules in India 2021

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What are Corona Hotspot and its rules in India

What is Corona Hotspot and its rules, which will be these districts

What is Corona Hotspot and its rules, and important decisions are taken, which districts will be Corona Hotspot, District List? (Maharashtra, UP, Delhi, MP)

The method of social distancing was also adopted, and the country was completely locked down. However, still, the number of people infected with coronavirus is not decreasing but increasing day by day. In such a situation, the government of the country has taken another important step which is named Corona Hotspot to identify the area and seal them immediately.

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Bhilwara is an area where a lot of people got corona infected due to a doctor, due to which Bhilwara was declared a complete corona hotspot area and after sealing every 2 km radius of the corona epidemic there. Was banned. Let us know how the corona infected areas can be got rid of by making hotspots and finally what are these corona hotspot areas?

What happens Corona hotspot area

The areas declared by the government to be mainly corona hotspots have been found to have six or more than six coronae infected. The hotspot area also includes areas where if any person is found to be infected, then if the other persons are suspected to be infected then that area has also been declared as corona hotspot.

The government says that such areas should be completely sealed; neither entry of any person nor exit from there should be made mandatory whether it is a house or some house or even a residential society or a colony or the entire district.

Some rules made for corona hotspots.

The government has also made some rules for these hotspots, which are very important to follow. Otherwise, people can be given any punishment. Let’s know what those rules are?

  • Areas, societies or districts that have been declared hotspots will be completely locked down.
  • In such a hotspot area, some essential and important persons can enter only after obtaining permission in addition to the necessary goods. But before admission, they will be thoroughly tested to see if there are any symptoms related to corona.
  • Ambulances of any kind and fire brigade trains are also not allowed to go without permission in hotspot areas.
  • No person can come out of the house to take any kind of necessities such as medicines or any ration related items.
  • An order has been issued to completely shut down all types of malls, shops etc. in these hotspot areas.
  • Wearing masks has been made absolutely essential for everyone living in these hotspot districts.

What will the government do after declaring the areas as hotspots?

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In today’s time, the main objective of the government is to uproot the coronavirus epidemic from the country.

  • In such a situation, the purpose of making hotspots in selected areas is the same, after creating hotspots, the government will go to the homes of every people in those chosen areas to thoroughly check whether any infected corona symptoms are found in those persons.
  • The second task the government will do is to check with all the individuals in a family, whether they have come in contact with a coronavirus infected person in the last few days.
  • The areas which the government is completely shutting down and the areas which are declared hotspots, after that the area will be completely sanitized by the government employees so that no bacteria or virus of any kind survives there.
  • The health of every person present in every house will be taken care of immediately. If they see any symptoms, a team of doctors and nurses present in an emergency ambulance standing ready will be immediately called to them.
  • For all types of common people, their basic things like any food items or any other items that they need will be delivered to their home immediately so that they do not need to leave their homes and society at all.

Hotspot created regions and states

The decision to convert all the states and territories into full hotspots has been taken by the Government of India, the districts and states in which the maximum tax and tax cases have come up. The latest list of these hotspot areas is given below: –

  • Delhi: Let’s first know in the capital of India, where the number of corona infected people has increased to a large extent due to the Tablighi Jamaat, which has made Nizamuddin the first hotspot in Delhi and after that Dilshad Garden located in Delhi. Apart from these two areas, Vasundhara Enclave, Kalyanpuri, Krishna Kunj, Pandav Nagar, Khichadipur, Sangam Vihar, Malviya Nagar, Patparganj have also been included in this list.
  • Uttar Pradesh: – Even in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Corona has spread its foot so far, due to which more than 343 people have been engulfed, due to which 15 districts have been declared completely hotspots, including Gautam. Twenty-two districts of Mercury have been ultimately handed over to the hotspot. In Noida, Lucknow also 12 districts have been completely converted into hotspots as per the government order. Also, 13 places in Ghaziabad have been completely taken. Apart from these, hotspots in Agra, Meerut, Varanasi, Bulandshahar, Shamli, Kanpur, Bareilly, Basti, Firozabad, Saharanpur, Maharajganj and Sitapur have also been handed over to Uttar Pradesh.
  • Bihar: – At present, two people of one house in Siwan district of Bihar have been declared as Siwan district completely hotspot after coronavirus.
  • Mumbai: – At present, there is a stir in Mumbai after receiving 55 new patients, due to which the Worli area inside the South Ward has been converted into an entire hotspot after being completely affected by the coronavirus. Because currently all 55 cases found have been found from only one region. So far, 1135 cases have been reported in the whole of Maharashtra, due to which there is a panic situation in the whole of Maharashtra and the virus has entered the third stage in Maharashtra. Eight of the most affected areas of Mumbai were completely turned into hotspots. The first of which is the G South Lower Parel Worli campus. Byculla Award at number two, the Byculla Fire Brigade and the surrounding area was completely turned into a hotspot. Along with this, the Malabar Hill Complex from D Board Nana Chowk was completely closed, the area of ​​Kewat Andheri West was also included in this list. P Northward Malad Marwari Dindoshi, HS Word Upcoming Bandra East, Vakola Complex, Kalanagar Matoshri to Santacruz, Andheri East counted in Eastward, Chakala, MICD, M Westword-Mankhurd Complex also due to infection of coronavirus in this list. Joined from
  • Andhra Pradesh: – The most significant increase so far has been seen in Andhra Pradesh during the last 12 hours due to which Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh has been declared as the most significant hotspot. Apart from this, after seeing increasing cases in Krishna, Kadapa, Kurnool, Guntur, the decision has been taken to convert these districts ultimately into hotspots.

The government believes that after declaring the districts as hotspots, they can be infected entirely without investigation. In such a situation, the public can get rid of this epidemic only by giving their significant support to the government. It is important to stay in your house with a little patience and to keep yourself safe. So keep only one thing in mind, stay at home and stay safe.

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