What is Hug Day? When, Why, How is it Celebrated?

by Hussain

Let us tell you; What is Hug Day? When, why, how is it celebrated? Hug Day Celebration details.

Hello friends, in today’s article, I have told you about Hug day. By the way, we all know what is Hug Day and what happens on this day? But if you do not know about it, then first you have to know about Valentine’s Week. To know about this, you can read from our previous post. Whose link we have given in our article –

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Hug day which is a very special day of valentine’s week. The sixth day of Valentine’s Week i.e. 12 February is celebrated around the world as Hug Day. This day is a very special day for all lovers and other loving people because on this day all the lovers embrace each other and give a hug to their love. Many people in India also call it magic.

What is Hug Day? When, Why, How is it Celebrated?

Although hugging someone is very common, but hugging someone on the day of Hag Day in the month of February is very special. When you embrace your loved ones, their confidence towards you increases even more. This makes your relationship stronger than ever.

We all embrace many people in our daily lives, but when we embrace our lover or the person we love, then the way and style of embracing it is completely different and when on this special day of February If we hag someone, then our hag to someone and Hug day becomes even more special for us. Let us know when and why Hug Day is celebrated in this article.

When Hug day is celebrated?

By the way, we all know that Hag Day is celebrated in February, on the 6th day of Valentine’s Week i.e. on 12 February. By the way, the whole month of February is very special for those who love it.

But this day of valentine’s day is even more special for two lovers. Because many people believe that when we hag or hug our loved ones on this day, our love towards them and their love towards us increases.

At the same time, more confidence in their relationship increases and together their relationship becomes stronger than before. That is why this month of February is a very special day for lovers. And they hug each other and make each other special.

Why people celebrate Hug day?

Hugging friends or hugging someone simply means that you are trying to express your love. Loving someone increases love but it has many other benefits.

When we hug someone, there are many hormones in our body, which along with being good for our health, increases our love and faith in the person we love.

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Although we will be doing hag to our loved one every day, when we do hag on our lover on Hug Day, then we have a lot of love towards him. This is the reason that the Love Week of February celebrates a special Hug Day for lovers.

How to Hug properly on Hug Day?

Although we all know how to embrace the hag or people, different people are embraced differently, which we have explained below like –

What is Hug Day

1.Hug your wife

If you are doing Hag to your lover or your wife, if you are doing Hag in your private place i.e. alone, then hold his body tightly and fill it in your arms. And hug your lover for a few minutes. Until you feel the warmth of your lover’s body. But if you are hugging your lover in a public place, then do hag for a few seconds.

What is Hug Day

3. Hug to a special Girlfriend

If you are doing Hag to your special friend, then only a little love hug can do a Hag.

What is Hug Day

4. Hug to a special girlfriend
If you hag your particular girlfriend, then her whole body should be done with love.

What is Hug Day

4. Hug to boyfriend’s friends
If you want to Hug your lover’s friends on Hug Day, then you should do a Side Hug with them. So that your lover does not feel bad that you are hugging someone else.

5. If you want to perform some special people hag from your distant friends or family, then you can do a formal side hug. In which your shoulders touch with each other.

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