What is OTP, One Time Password and How it works

by Hussain

What is a one-time password (OTP)?

The first thing you are asked to do after installing any application is mobile phone registration. In addition to mobile phones, email is also asked to register.

Both of them have to submit a one-time password i.e. OTP while registering. Many a time you may have come to the question that what is OTP after all and how it works.

Below we will know what OTP means and what is the work of OTP.

What is OTP, One Time Password and How it works

What is OTP?

The full name of OTP is One Time Password. Many times we create our ID on many websites where we have to enter OTP before taking any action or log in.

OTP is a kind of safety net. The presence of an option along with the presence of a password to protect it also helps a lot.

An OTP is a type of message that is received over an email or phone number. It is often from 4 to 6 digits.

Many times OTP is sought while login and in some merchant apps like Phone Pay, UPI and Beverage TM it is necessary to register before taking almost every action.

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How OTP Works?

The task of the OTP is much easier. The app by which it is sent, the app asks for it before any action. That action can be completed only after the OTP is recorded.

Benefits of OTP?

OTP acts as a security shield just like a login password. Suppose for some reason someone knows your bank’s net banking password, they can use it incorrectly, but only when they also have OTP. Understand it in such a way that even if someone has a password, he cannot spoil you.

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