What is Spam? Types and Effects

by Hussain


What Is Spam? What are its types? What are its bad effects

If you are active online in any way, then it is certain that one day you will have to face spam. You may not even understand something like spam at first, but by the time you can understand this problem, it will have done you a lot of damage.

If you are a YouTuber, there will be damage on YouTube, if you are a blogger then on a blog, but if you are only a smartphone user, then your privacy will be damaged first. From your photos to bank details, everything can be in danger, if you do not deal with spam properly. Let’s know, what is spam? What are the types of spam and its bad effects of Spam?

What is spam? Why is it (Meaning of Spam)

Spamming is a process in which a person tries to harm another person’s computer or information related to it by sending unsolicited and harmful messages. Till now, the biggest and most popular level of spam-related cases is known as e-mail spam. The person who is spamming goes to the spammer.

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Spam e-mail is a way of sending commercial advertisements, which proves to be quite economical, as there is no need to spend any kind of money and resources in sending the e-mail. If even a few people from the sent message buy the product after seeing that advertisement, then these spammers also benefit greatly and their purpose of sending spam messages is successful.

Spammers steal a person’s e-mail address from public websites and then do so by stealing the e-mail addresses of millions of users with the help of specific programs. They then send advertisements related to their product to all of them. At present, 95 percent of all e-mail messages sent from the Internet in the world is spam.

Spam and Virus

Spam is now being sent in large numbers from computers that are already virus-generated. Virus-makers and spammers, together, hack into low-security computer systems and send spam from them for self-improvement. Such computers are also called “drones” or “zombies” that send spam.

Such programs rapidly increase their size and area and send a large amount of spam, and they use the name of a valid e-mail address to conceal identity. Therefore all the users using the computer should install and update any anti-virus software on their computer so that their computer will be saved from getting involved in any kind of spam-fraud without their knowledge.

What should users do in order to avoid spam?

  • Users should always click on the details of any suspicious message and e-mail address carefully after reading it.
  • Before setting auto-replies, understand that spammers will know the exact address of your e-mail address.
  • When you forward a message to many people at once, the addresses that you find suspicious and wrong, remove them in advance.
  • Install Firewall software on your computer, it will protect you from hacking attempts by other computer users.

What should users not do in order to avoid spam?

  • Avoid creating very small and easy user names and user IDs for your e-mail address, because such names are far more prone to spam-attacks than big and difficult names. You should use all the signs, numbers, letters and symbols in your username and ID.
  • Avoid using your e-mail address everywhere, and especially in places where it is easily viewable by all people.
  • Do not use your actual e-mail address and ID to download any program, software, game, etc. that you can download for free.
  • Do not open suspicious-looking e-mails and attachments. There can be harmful viruses inside them, which will hack your email and address. And without your knowledge, they will use your computer to send spam messages.
  • Do not buy any goods affected by the spam message you receive, this will not give a financial benefit to the spammers and will be very good for the spam senders.
  • Do not use the same e-mail address everywhere and frequently.
  • Do not use the same user name on different domains, otherwise, spammers will find you through other services and they can harm your computer from your personal life.


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