What is Tik Tok? And How to Make a Video on it?

by Hussain

In this post, we will tell you what is Tik Tok is and how you can use it. Friends, the era is changing rapidly and today everyone has a phone in their hands, whether they are children or young people. And even why mobile has become a necessity in today’s time and anyone who has mobile also has a connection of Jio which most people use to use the internet. Now when there is internet on mobile, we often watch videos on YouTube or Facebook on our mobile device. And there is only one such app named Tik Tok, which has created a boom in the whole world. You can make short videos on it and you get popularity here as well in other video platforms. Today in our country, millions of users share their videos on Tik Tok every day. However, there are other similar apps such as likee app or Vigo videos, where you can create short videos and share them with your followers and the world. But the Tik Tok app is more liked by users than those apps, and that’s why it is very popular compared to others.

Its popularity has increased so much that today even big celebrities collaborate with users for the promotion of their film here and it also earns users. Even some big celebrities on the TikTok app make videos and share them with fans. Today the popularity of this app is increasing so much that it is giving competition to big video platforms, but here you can only share videos from a few seconds to 1 minute. But even if you use this app as a viewer, you will still love this platform. Because here you will get to see many funny and creative videos and they will be only a few seconds, due to which you will not be bored and will continue to scroll down continuously and you will not be able to leave this platform. But if you want to use the TikTok app, then you must have a good internet connection so that videos can play easily and you do not have to face problems like buffering.

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So friends, now let us know in detail what is Tik Tok app, how you can download Tik Tok app, here how you can create account, and what kind of videos you can make using it, you What kind of filters are available for videos in the app, and why this app is so popular and how you can earn money through Tik Tok.

What is Tik Tok

What is Tik Tok?

Tiktok is a short video sharing platform where any person can share their videos with the world through the Tik Tok app by creating a mobile device. In this app you get to see a lot of things like you can do the dubbing of your video with any other users in it and also tag your friends there.

Making a video on the TIktok app is very easy, all you have to do is download Tik Tok in your mobile and login to it, after that you can either make a video or even watch someone’s videos. Here videos of many people have gone viral in a very short time and people have also become famous. But you always have to post videos so that your engagement with your fans remains and you don’t forget, often some people quit making videos once they become famous so that their fan following is reduced again And everybody forgets them too. Today Tik Tok is a fast-growing video sharing platform where there are millions of monthly active users all over the world and about 50 million videos are uploaded every day in India only.

If you also want to be famous through the Tik Tok app, then you can also download this app and make videos and share it with the world.

Who made Tik Tok and when and what is its complete history?

Tiktok was previously known as music.ly and by its increasing popularity, it was bought by Bytedance in November 2017. And they had to pay a huge amount of 1 billion dollars for this. But here they had the advantage, they already had a huge user base and got a ready-made platform. The Tik Tok app is created separately for the Chinese logo and is named Douyin. This app has been made only for the people of China and the interface of this app is also exactly like Tik Tok but its language is in Chinese.

How can you create an account on Tik Tok?

If you have to upload your video on Tik Tok and you have an android phone then for that you have to first go to the play store and download the Tik Tok app from there. When the app is downloaded, you open it, and if you are an Apple user, then for that you will have to visit the app store and download the app. This app is free. This app is not currently available for desktop platforms.

  • Once the app is installed on your phone, open it and open it.
  • Now you will be asked to sign up here, so you can create a new account or if you do not get into these problems then
  • you can also signup directly through Facebook or Google account.

Once the setting of everything is complete, then you are ready to use the Tik Tok app.

Information about the Tik Tok app interface.

Once you log in to the Tik Tok app, then you will be given suggestions to follow some popular categories in front of you, so if you like some of them then you can follow them.

In this app, you will first find the home button at the bottom, where you can see the videos of those whom you have followed and you will see two options upwards, one of which is of the following and the other for you. is. For you, you will get to see the videos in which you have an interest or according to your browser history. And on the right side, you will get to see some options and which is like, comment, share and last will have the detail of the music.

Now comes the option of search in the second here, you can search your favorite Creator and follow them as well. You will also get information about trending tags in the search itself and if you want, you can also include them in your videos.

Now comes the third option where you have been given the option to make videos and you can make videos by clicking here. The next option is the notification bar, after clicking here, you can see all your notifications. And the last option is profile, here you can see your profile and your uploaded videos. And you also get the option of setting. Where you can edit your details.

What kind of features do you get for video editing in the Tik Tok app?

As we told you above that you will get a plus (+) button in the middle, where you can create your videos by clicking and also share with everyone.

  • Before making a video, you will have to select some music for lip sing, which you will find a lot of music in the Tik Tok app itself and if you want to add your music, you can do that too.
  • After adding music, now suit the video as you want to do.
  • Once the video suits, you will not have to go far for editing. You get all the editing options in this app and you also get filters, so you can edit your video easily.
  • After the edit is complete, now you attach all kinds of tags in the video and click on the post button.

Once the video is posted, anyone can watch your video and if you have good luck, then your video will soon become popular and you will also become famous.

How can you popularize your video on Tik Tok?

If you want to be popular on Tik Tok, then you always have to make videos according to the trend, as if assuming that people are making videos on a song right now, then you should also create creative videos on that song in your way. Will be liked by viewers and will be forced to share it.

You can also ask other users to do your duo in your videos so that your video will reach the followers of other creators and also increase your followers. And if you make some funny videos, then you must put trending tags in your videos and also put some popular tags so that your video can also easily appear in search.

If your videos are still not popular then you can create some emotional videos and try to connect people with your emotions, make the video such that anyone who sees it can relate that video to themselves. At the end of the video, you must ask to share it so that when someone connects with emotions and understands the feeling of your video, then he easily shares your video in his friend circle. And always ask to comment and like on your video.

How can you make money with Tik Tok?

If you feel that by using this app you are only wasting your time, then do not think that at all. Like video streaming platforms like Facebook and YouTube, Tik Tok also gives you a chance to earn money, but here you do not give money through advertisements or Tik Tok on your behalf. This app gives you a chance to earn money differently. So let’s tell you how you can make money with Tik Tok

When you make regular videos on Tik Tok and when you have a few thousand followers, then the option to live in your Tik Tok id is opened by which you can talk with your fans and followers by doing a direct live session. And there is also the option of stickers share in the live session. Who has to buy.

So here is something like that those people who are your fans or followers can buy stickers by giving them some money in the app and when a fan or follower sends you that sticker, then they will be added to your account as money. is. And when you withdraw those stickers in money, then Tik Tok deducts its share and gives you the remaining amount. And in this way, you have income from here. But it has recently been heard that Tik Tok will also show ads on videos like other platforms and users will be able to earn money through direct ads from Tik Tok. But for the time being, nothing has been reported commercially by Tik Tok officials or any confirmation has been made. But if Tik Tok shows ads for its creators like YouTube, Facebook on users’ videos and shares that revenue with creators, then Tik Tok’s growth will be even faster and we will get to see good content here as well.

Why was Tik Tok banned in India some time ago?

Friends, if you use Tik Tok, then you must have also heard the news about it that Tik Tok was banned by the court. This happened because a family member had complained in court that pornographic videos are posted on Tik Tok and the company does not monitor such videos and anyone can easily watch such objectionable videos. And even small children use this app so that it affects their mentality. The court had ordered the removal of the app from google play store and apple app store after hearing the whole thing and getting evidence. And soon after the notice was issued, Tik Tok was removed from the play store and app store. Challenging the decision of the high court, Tik Tok appealed in the supreme court as well and there was a re-hearing of both the parties. And then Tik Tok was told by the court to put some kind of filter on your platform so that such videos are not seen by children and they should be monitored and such objectionable videos should be removed. For this, Tik Tok was given some time and when Tik Tok convinced the court that their platform is now safe from such videos and they will continuously monitor the videos on their platform and the users who post such content will get those people from their platform will block After that, the court lifted the ban on them and as soon as the ban was lifted, the Tik Tok app was listed on the play store and app store again.

Friends, here we will also tell you that if you find objectionable videos on any platform, then make sure to report it and keep the platform clean.

How you can use Tik Tok for business.

Once you have followers, then how can you use your account. And if you are doing some kind of business, then you can promote your products free by using your platform for free. Even many people want to get their promotion done at low prices, then you can contact those people and promote their services on your platform and take money in exchange for it, which will also result in your income.


Friends, you have learned through this post what is Tik Tok and how you can make videos on top of it and share it with the world. You can also find out how you can earn money through Tik Tok and what is the history of the Tik Tok app. And here is how you can promote your business.

Friends, the world is using mobile more than TV and computers and is always connected to the social media platform. Some people remain active on social media all day and night. In such a situation, those people spend more time on an app like Tik Tok and even some people make videos themselves, inspired by other people so that they too can share their talent with the world and make themselves popular.

On his income day, he must have also seen that videos of many people go viral on social media and those people become famous by night. All this happens only because if people like your videos, they also share it with their friends and relatives.

You do not have to work too hard to create a video on Tik Tok and other similar apps, here all you have to do is to choose your favorite song and you have to do the lip sing on that song and then you post your video by editing it. Give. You also get the future of editing videos in the Tik Tok app itself. Which is very easy. That’s why people post here 2 to 5 videos every day. And if one of those videos goes viral, then those people become famous. And to keep the interest of Tik Tok, from time to time, the contest is run in your app and give the winners and gifts as money and reward.

Friends, if you like this information, then you should also share this post with your friends and family members so that even if they do not know about Tik Tok, then they can get information about it and those people will also share their talent with the world. share.


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