What is Vipassana meditation? Benefits

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What is Vipassana meditation? Benefits, How to, Court and Center Benefits of Vipassana meditation

Friends, human beings keep on doing various kinds of exercises to keep the body healthy, which makes their body healthy, and destroying diseases from the body, likewise, one should meditate to stay mentally healthy. Human beings also adopt different methods for meditation, one of them is Vipassana meditation.

By doing this, while we can be mentally healthy, we also learn to control ourselves. Today we will understand how it can be understood and used and can be mentally healthy, so let’s start with understanding Vipassana meditation.

 What is Vipassana meditation?

Before understanding its use, we will understand – What is Vipassana meditation? Vipassana meditation is a scientific method to make the mind healthy, calm and clean. It is an effective method of introspection. This results in self-purification. In other words, it can be called an exercise of mind.

Just as physical exercise provides healthy and strength to the body, in the same way, the mind can be made healthy by doing Vipassana meditation. This meditation is used to face every circumstance and by its constant practice, the mind remains balanced in every situation.

The word vipassana is derived from the Pali language ‘patina’, which means “to see” (to see the thing as it is, in its true form).

This technique is thousands of years ago, it was originated by Mahatma Buddha about 2600 years ago. This learning had disappeared in the middle. The late Satya Narayan Goenka brought it from Myanmar to India in 1969.

Moving breath; Just sitting and watching it as it is going on is called meditation. We will try to understand this with the help of examples, such as sitting on the side of a road and looking at the passengers, what he is doing and where he is going, he sees all his activities. Sitting on the banks of the river, he sees the flowing stream of the river and sees the fish present in it.

He sees cars, buses, etc. coming out of the way, that is to say, that whatever it is, seeing it as it is is Vipassana meditation. One should not try to change it at all. Just sitting quietly watching the breath and seeing it, the breath becomes calmer. Because there is peace in seeing. This is called Vipassana meditation.

Benefits of Vipassana Meditation Health benefits of Vipassana meditation

By meditating Vipassana, where the mind is calm, the same changes are seen in the body. like –

  • Constantly practicing this increases blood circulation in the body, increases blood circulation and relieves tension, brings facial beauty.
  • With its regular practice, it calms the mind and increases confidence.
    This is one of the very best ways to increase concentration. By practicing it regularly, concentration increases and atte
  • the nation is focused on the goal as well as brain development.
  • By doing this, the person is relieved of stress.
  • By doing this meditation positive thoughts arise and negative thoughts are eliminated.
  • The mind and brain remain completely calm.
  • Peace always remains in the mind.
  • Siddhis are proven automatically.
  • By regularly doing, all your diseases will disappear on sight.
  • Along with the diseases of the body, your mind will also become calm.
Vipassana meditation can be done at home any time

How to do Vipassana meditation? (Its technique)

The first three days of the course have to watch the breath continuously. This is called ‘Aanapan’. Aanapan is made up of two words Aan and Apan. Aa means incoming breath. Anan means breath. In this technique, one has to watch his breath and be alert to it. Seeing means feeling his movement.

Meditating on the breath usually causes two reactions. Firstly, the breath loses its normal speed, becomes fast and irregular and secondly, the chemical process starts at the microscopic level in the body, due to which sensations are formed. Every process creates some sensation on the body. The sensation can be seen by studying vipassana while a normal person cannot see these thoughts.

Vipassana meditation

Use the quietest corner of the house to meditate Vipassana. Turn off the light of the room and sit on the pedestal and keep your waist and neck straight and your eyes closed. After this, the focus should be on the breath coming in and out of the nose. This should be practiced for a few days. After this, focus on the breath and feel the sensations that occur in the body, this is vipassana.

Initially do it for some time in the morning and evening, later you can also increase the time according to the convenience. In the first exercise, in any situation while getting up, sleeping, talking, or in silence, just feel the movement of breath in the nostrils. Pay attention to the gap between breathing and exhaling. Do not force it. Vipassana meditation is the only focus on your breath.

Vipassana meditation is performed in many ways.

First method

One should be aware of his actions like his body, his mind, his heart. You should feel walking while walking, if you are moving, then you should also feel it while listening, you should listen with full senses and breath.

One should be aware of all the activities of the body. While eating, one should be aware of the activities that are necessary to eat. The coldness that is getting when taking a bath. One should be aware of the water that is falling and the uncommon joy that is being met with it. One should also be aware of his thoughts.

Second method

We should be aware of our breath. As soon as the breath goes in, the stomach starts to rise, and when the breath goes out, the stomach starts to sit down again. One should be aware of his rise and fall. One should feel the feeling of rising and fall in the stomach.

We have to be aware of our body, conscious of our mind. There are three stages in this if you want to be aware of your emotions, emotional states. The second method has a single step. Just the stomach going up and down. And the result is the same. As you become aware of the stomach, the mind becomes calm, the heart becomes calm. Emotion conditions disappear.

We should take care of every speed method we do.

Breathing is important because in anger, breathing moves in one way, compassion in another. Runs move in a manner; Slowly, you move differently. The mind is feverish, moves in a manner; Is full of tension, moves in a manner; And the mind is calm, silent, and moves in another way.

Breathing is associated with emotions. Change the emotion, the breath changes. Change the breath, the expressions change. Try and do not let the breath stop when anger comes. Keep breathing steady, keep calm. Breathing is different depending on the situation.

The best thing about Vipassana is that you can do it anywhere. Even those sitting around you will not know what you are doing. The process is as simple as looking from the outside, the greater the depth, which can be realized only after adoption.

You can also do this easily while traveling in a bus-train or lying in bed in your house. It also does not cause any inconvenience to the people around you because neither a mantra needs to be chanted nor physical posture has to be changed again and again.

Vipassana meditation center in India

The address of the Vipassana Center is Vipassana International Academy, Dhamma Giri, Igatpuri, District Nashik, Maharashtra. It is not necessary to go to Igatpuri to learn. It has many centers in the country www.vridhamma.org is the website of the Igatpuri center of Vipassana.

Here is the complete information about Vipassana. You can find the details of all the training centers by visiting Contact Us on the home page. Online booking is also possible at www.dhamma.org. Waiting is usually done. Therefore, booking in advance.

Courses for Vipassana meditation in India

To say this course is 10 days but takes 12 days in total. 10 days complete and 2 days incomplete. One has to reach the center one day before. Registration takes place between 2 to 4 p.m., things like mobiles are stored and the sleeping room is allotted. The rules of the course are informed from 5 pm to about 9 pm.

Together, the seat is allotted in the meditation hall. One has to sit and meditate on it all day. The course finishes at 7:30 am on the 11th day. Each center offers 2 courses in a month. Instructions on how to meditate are given through a recorded audiotape of Goenka Ji in Hindi and English. Goenka Ji’s discourses take place one and a half hours every night in which the nuances of pure religion and meditation are explained.

The first three days have to do just that. Vipassana is taught on the fourth day and the same is practiced for the remaining 7 days. This allows a person to remain in balance even in happiness and sorrow. His minor illnesses go away like this.

This course of Vipassana is completely free. No money is also taken for living and eating. All the expenses of the camp are funded by donations from the old seekers. There is no cost to the seekers, these seekers serve on their own free will. When the camp is over, one can donate for future camps. Donation is taken from someone who has already done this course.


There are around 89 centers of Vipassana meditation in India. These courses are conducted in bilingual, they are conducted throughout the year, today there are about 170 Vipassana centers and 130 non-centers in the world. Vipassana courses of 10, 20, 30, 45 and 60 days are conducted at these centers. These courses are free. Of these courses, most of the 10-day residential course at Vipassana centers are famous.

This is the basic and shortest time course. In these 10 days, a student who teaches Vipassana meditation has to work seriously. This course of 10 days includes- Arya Silence: From the beginning of the camp, everyone has to remain silent from Arya, that is, speech and body. It has to be followed from the first day till 10 o’clock on the morning of the 10th day.

So, friends, this was the complete information about Vipassana meditation, if you are also willing to learn this meditation, then once you must go to Vipassana Center and learn it because by learning this you can balance your brain and achieve your goals. is.


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