Whatsapp Status in English | Best Whatsapp Status 2021

by Hussain

Whatsapp Status in English | Best Whatsapp Status 2020

Whatsapp Status in English | Best Whatsapp Status 2021

#1. Have spent yourself full-on you,
And you still say that the calculation is incomplete.

#2. Lives on your every style..my eye .. !!
Do not know when you say .. you look good .. !!

#3. When I asked him what is sweet today…
Blushing, he put his finger on his lips…

#4. We will keep beating you deep in my heart day and night…
Those are the feelings that never end …

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#5. Try a lot,
But now there is no love like you.

#6. Those who do not meet in fate…
I swear..
Love is also amazing for them.

#7. Seeing the face, the heart did not make me smile, but we have lost your life many times.

#8. Self-love does not work in love festivals,
Kambakhat is not my wish in my heart…

#9. Have you ever asked for a relaxed heart
We also know that we do not look like you.

#10. I am a stranger today, maybe tomorrow
What do you know, I love you too…

#11. These cold winds are saying, …
Hug you .. !!
Hide in your arms…
And forget the world .. !!!!

#12. Why do you look again and again,
Will you look at the mirror…
To my only love…

#13. With the magic of your eyes
You are not yourself
It would have taught him to live as well
Who loves to die

#14. I am poor but you
Why did you have mercy?
Which was my
Nearly you robbed.

#15. I object to both things…
Why did you come to life, and why did you leave…

#16. They forgot who made them laugh

Who was celebrating when they were angry

They say they are very good

They forgot who told them this.

#17. What is the coincidence of eyesight and luck guys,
Nazar likes only him who is not in luck !!

#18. He returned my heart by saying this
So it is broken.

#19. Only parents can love in this world without selfishness

#20. If you love, do Ayurvedic medicine, if there is no benefit then there is no harm.

#21. I just saw for a glance, what news
Thi that you will go in the vein

#22. Only love when you can
Again by making excuses of compulsions
Leaving is not loyalty,

#23. Put some gifts in my bag, my friend, what do you know?
Shake your lips and make my fortune soar!

#24. Silly still reflect my habits
From .. I am surprised myself how I loved

#25. Why do we love a stranger

Why is there a desire to want even on denial

I know I can never find her

Still at the same turn, why wait for him. I love u

#26. When these eyes become yours … Whatever the day, but it becomes a festival.

#27. We are smart enough to catch their lies, but their fans are so much that they still accept the truth !!

#28. All the faces of this world will mislead you,

You just stay in my heart, no one comes here.

#29. I will lay my life on you, love me like me…

#30. You don’t know how sweet you are,
Sweetheart is dear to us,
Distance does not matter
You were ours yesterday and today ours

#31. Where do I get it from … Where can I get that luck
Who gives you mine for a lifetime

# 32. Seeing the moon, the sea is also shaken,
What would happen to those who have a moon in their arms

#33. Where do I get it from … Where can I get that luck
Who gives you mine for a lifetime

#34. If you do not ask the reason, then tell me one thing,
I don’t live without you anymore!

#35. There is a difference of sight, not of beauty,
Mehboob whichever is unmatched

#36. Drank all the liquor in this place, but
If you look into his eyes, then what is the addiction

#37. If it is a lie that you are mine,
So believe me the truth does not matter to me !!

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#38. Give these intoxicating eyes a little, sir
My religion is drugged… Whatsapp Status in English

#39. Once you allow me to hug you,
All the complaints will pass through your shoulder !!

#40. He asked which gift is favorite,
I said the moment that is still borrowed!

#41. Whenever I break I look for you,
You always said that we are one

#42. The clouds of this city are like your slaves,
Those who set the fire but do not come out

#43. If Mehboob is not found in the world of love,

Of course, man dies but death does not come,

#44. Hey who are you, my

Who has become a habit

#45. Love is beautiful …

One-sided….. Whatsapp Status in English

#46. Hey don’t I have a small wish
One table, two coffees, me and you

#47. It is amazing,
War is also on the heart and rule is also on the heart

#48. Your story,
Like rainwater !! Whatsapp Status in English

#49. I do not know about claims of love,
There is a life when the heart desires

#50. That person got into my heart like this,
As he knew all the ways in my heart

#51. I don’t know anything except love,
If you want, take a search of my breath!

#52. You tell me without taking me,
My floor is where you smile

#53. If you are on the bus, then stop at the time,
Where in the world of peace like your arms !!

#54. I ask you if you are allowed
Have heard luck is being written

#55. Know what my smile finds in you,
If you laugh, then this peace sits on my lips

#56. Maybe someone has settled in your eyes
I see a strange glow.  Whatsapp Status in English

#57. You must have heard the name of life,
I’ve often called you by this name

#58. Some people do not even want to fall in our love,
It is said that you do not enter your heart

#59. Don’t ask me what you look like to me
The heart is important and for me you

#60. I told him how big this sky is,
Pagli hugged and said if it is bigger than this

#61. We just liked his smile,
What news did we have that we will fall in love with!!

#62. What will you get by killing me,
We are gonna die on you anyway !!

#63. You are my life, you are my life
You get me, this is my wish !!

#64. Call me while you pray,
Together they will ask each other

#65. Kissing her lips realized that,
Water is not only necessary to quench thirst !!

#66. Just like we were missing ourselves,
The truth is that you were there too !!

#67. Neither my heart nor my eyes
I am crazy about your smile!

#68. Like this, I do not sleep at night,
But waking up at night to sleep in love.

#69. Laughter is also love in loneliness,
It is also a love to hide this thing from everyone,

#70. I am like children in my love
Who is mine is just mine
Why anyone else

#80. Be mine that I will give you so much love
People will laugh to get luck like yours .. !!

#81. Come closer, it is difficult to live without you
The heart is not yours…
Love you every way

#82. Only need it for two times,
One now and one forever…

#83. Don’t know what innocence is on your face.
Love to see you more than you hide .. !!!

#84. Everyone asks, what do you do ???

Like love is no work… Whatsapp Status in English

# 85. I have found this beauty with your love,
Where was my reference before your story?

#86. I pity you to hear something from your lab…
Do not complain about love rightly…

#87. I don’t need to paint with market colors,
This face turns pink as soon as someone remembers it…

#88. Let me do the writing on paper, I am not that person…
I am a poet who has the talent to write on hearts…

#89. Why do you love me on my own …
He wanted me for whom there were thousands of fans!

#90. Love does not happen from Surat
Love is from the heart
Surat looks lovely on its own
Who is in the heart

#91. The heart is under control,
Still bowed down
His smile is still left.

#92. When you die, you are both my…
Ishq does not give up…
The heart doesn’t listen

#93. You keep this heart of mine,

You care very much about it ..!

#94. Do not torture anyone so much…
Do not torture anyone too much…

#95. Just like this, I am not used to looking around …

I felt like seeing you .. see you one more time

#96. Love never changes if it’s true

Neither time nor situation

#97. You don’t look good or bad to me

Just look like yourself. Whatsapp Status in English

#98. Wish a wish could be fulfilled without prayer
He comes and hugs… without my permission!

#99. Can’t we just ask for love…
And you hug me and say something else?

#100. People ask this every time, what did you see in it,
Every time I say this, there is needless love.

# 101. Let’s try every day,
Compromise with the time of
Kambakht hid in the corner of the heart
I never believed that she would ever celebrate us…
But this united heart never resented him.

I hope you guys liked this Whatsapp Status in English. Send this Whatsapp Status to your lover. If you have some suggestions for people, then please tell me in the comment box. Thank you

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